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Two session are usually recommended, one for the parent alone and one for the parent together with the child. 

Both parent and child receive their own personal Bach Flower Remedy at the end of the session and can start taking them imediately. A follow-up session four weeks later is recommended. 

Parent & Child incl. two personal mixes: CHF 140.-

Student incl. one personal mix: CHF 60.-

I am a BFRP – Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and work according to the code of practise of the Bach Centre in England.

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The Bach Flower Remedies are perfect for every stage in the life of a growing child. They can be given immediately after birth to help soothe the baby's transition into its new environment. They can support young children with starting school or during other important or challenging phases in their lives. Teenagers can also benefit from the remedies whilst going through puberty as they grow into independent young adults. 


Bach Flower Remedies are completely natural and work on an emotional level to help us find our balance again. Emotions such as anxiety, anger, fear, insecurity or shame can be supported in a targeted way with no side effects. The drops are taken four times a day and can be put into any drink. 


Children often find it hard to describe their emotions so I work in a playful and creative way with them using colourful card sets that help them express how they feel. Younger children are particularly intuitive and can help choose the Remedies they need during the session. This helps them to feel empowered and part of their own healing process rather than "a problem that needs fixing". 

I also work with a parent of the child. I will ask you how you experience your child and how this affects you emotionally so that we can support the entire family unit. You will receive your own personal mix of Remedies, tailormade to your current emotional state. Children are particularly motivated to take the Bach Flower Remedies alongside their mum or dad and it is no surprise if some of the Remedies are the same for both!

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